Judge Bio:

Mr. John Palmer

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Mr. John Palmer

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

I have been showing dogs since 1975. My first involvement was with Boxers. I started showing Afghan hounds in 1981. I have been involved with other breeds: American Cocker spaniels, Pugs, English Cocker Spaniels ,Miniature Poodles. I have handled German Shorthair Pointers and Weimaraners with great success. I have mainly been involved with Greyhounds since importing the first Greyhounds from America in 1987 from the famous Huzzah Kennels.The Greyhounds have enjoyed enormous success with Champions and BIS winners around the world. I also have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who although rarely shown here have enjoyed Group and BIS wins in the USA. Most recently we have imported a Bracco Italiano from the Sobers kennels in Italy.

I have been judging since 1993 my first group being hounds. I attained my All breeds Status in 2010. I have been honoured to Judge the Greyhound Club shows in America, Sweden and Norway. I have officiated at Dog of the year event in Sydney and most recently Dog of the year in Auckland. I have been fortunate to judge in many countries of the world, Sweden, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia and China.