Meet the Breeds:

Saturday Aug. 6th/16

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Victoria City Kennel Club is looking for registered dogs (can be any registry) to participate in our Meet The Breeds event on Saturday 6th August!  

Meet the Breeds plans to run from 10 am to 2 pm depending on participation.  This event will take place during the VCKC's 129th year of Summer Classic shows which runs from the 11th to 13th August, 2017 at Saanich Fairgrounds.  There is a Farmer’s Market at the Fairgrounds on Saturday which is always an added draw for us .

If you and your dog, are people (and dog)  friendly and you are interested in educating the public  about your breed then we would welcome your participation!  

You do not need to be entered in the dog show to participate.  Canadian Kennel Club registered pet dogs are welcome! 

Please contact Bren Axon at email or phone 250 896 5029 for further details

Flyer for Exhibitors

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